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Figure For Sale

I don’t really want to put these up on Ebay and I find people selling figures and stuff on here all the time. So I figured I’d give it a shot.

I have two Sailor Moon figures. They were given to me long ago. I only just found them in my recent bout of room cleaning. I’ve had them for years. The only thing? I don’t collect figures!

As you can see, I have a Sailor Moon and a Sailor Venus. These are the Japanese Bandai dolls. I have no idea what release they are, but I think it’s a season 3/4 release (judging by Moon’s broach).

Sailor Moon Figure - $20+shipping

Sailor Venus Figure $20+shipping

Shipping would be to the continental US using a flat rate priority box.

These HAVE been opened, but as far as I know everything is there. I’m not trying to rip anyone off, but I don’t want to donate these somewhere as I know a collector would LOVE them, and I’d rather send them off to someone who’d appreciate them rather than give them to Goodwill which probably wouldn’t end well for the figures.

If you’re interested in either of these, just send me a message and I’d be happy to get these sent off.

Paypal is preferred.




Why do people always react like “you’re just trying to sound superior.” when someone replies that they don’t like to watch sports or the olympics?

It seems like sports in particular, people just can’t fathom that someone just simply is not interested. I don’t get it.

someone: “Do you like…

I completely agree. I don’t follow, nor watch regular sports. I do make time for the Olympics though.

But you have to remember, a majority of Olympic sports are not available to watch on American television. If we had (using these past winter games as an example) luge, bobsled, cross country skiing, figure skating on television? I would more than likely watch those. But of the big sports in America: football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, I don’t like any of them. You can find soccer (European football) on occasion but I’m not even really into that either.

But hey, that’s how I think.

We do have those sports on TV- they air all weekend during the day. They may not get the prime time high advertising spots that football et al get, but they are quite popular and televised.

Unfortunately, they don’t appear to be on any channels that I get. Maybe I should see if I could stream them online or something. Still not huge on sports though. :)

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